Opening a New Law Practice

Next week is our Opening Your Law Practice program here in Oklahoma, but one of the major resources we provide is available online to all lawyers.

We at the Oklahoma Bar Association Management Assistance Program team put on this program three times a year right after the new lawyers admission ceremony. Next week, the daylong class will be held October 3 at the Tulsa County Bar and October 4 at the Oklahoma Bar Center in Oklahoma City. Earlier this week 205 applicants became Oklahoma-licensed lawyers. We wish all of them would attend our program, whether they are opening up their own law practice or not, because we provide a lot of information about manage a law practice. You can see the class schedules at the links above. Opening Law Office 2015 OBJ

If you are interested in starting a new law practice, you’re welcome to visit our OBA-MAP Starting a Law Practice Web Directory. There are quite a few downloadable documents and links to many resources, including many of those published by other state bar associations who have practice management advisors like myself on staff. Between our resources and their resources, there is a lot of valuable information completely for free.

All Oklahoma lawyers are welcomed to take this free training. We do accept walk-ins, but would appreciate it if lawyers who want to attend would contact my assistant Nickie Day before close of business Friday, September 29 so we can have sufficient lunches for everyone. For many years now, lunch for the attendees at this program has been graciously provided by Oklahoma Attorneys Mutual Insurance Company.

This program is primarily about the business of law, which today includes much more about  technology than it would have many years ago. While we will have mostly brand-new lawyers in the audience, in the past we’ve had a mix of attendees including lawyers leaving large firms, recently retired judges and district attorneys. It is an in-person attendance only event. One of my favorite comments was from a retired judge who told me afterwards “This was an incredibly valuable seminar because it became very clear to me that I don’t want to do all that stuff.” He works as a mediator for a mediation practice now and is quite happy with that decision.

Some lawyers open a new practice directly out of law school because it is been their long term dream. Some open their own practice because they didn’t find employment after graduation. Some join an established small firm practice that could use a bit of updating with its processes. Helping new lawyers begin and seeing their excitement at the beginning of their careers is one of the most satisfying things I get to do.


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